Sunday, November 22, 2015

Topricin Deluxe Spa Set

It is leaf raking time here at my house at that means spending more time outdoors bending, stretching and raking and with that you can get back pain or back discomfort. I recently found Topricin and I was sent the Deluxe Spa Set which contained a variety of things for pain relief and they were:
Topricin Pain Relief & Healing Cream individual sample included which is for sciatica, post-surgical pain, arthritis, lower back pain and more.
Topricin pain relief and healing cream 2.0 oz tube that is Paraben free and helps treat neuropathy.
Trim Men multi-purpose pocket toll which has a nail clipper, knife, nail file/cleaner, screwdriver and bottle opener all on this one keychain.
Day Break Relaxing Piano Music CD –The O’Neill Brothers  which has 13 songs from Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay to the smooth tones of Blue skies, this piano collection evokes the first few moments of sunlight and captures the feelings of serenity that are reborn each day.
Hand Reflexology Chart so you can learn about your hand and the importance of it.

Mani Cure Filing Block that has four sides coarse, medium, fine and superfine to smooth down rough skin and rough edges on nails.
Topricin Pain Relief & Healing Cream in a 4.0 oz round container all of  Topricin products  are the Safest alternative to all prescription and non-prescription OTC pain relieving medication. Stimulates and supports the body's desire to "Heal the Damage that is Causing the Pain".Topricin's 11 homeopathic medicines are proven to be safe and effective for the elderly, children, pregnant women and all skin types. Experience Topricin's relief for damaged muscle, tendon, ligament and nerve tissue.

My Opinion: I suffer from back pain and poor circulation in my feet so I wanted to try this to see if I can get some relief from this pain I get as I get older it stinks to age! I found it easy to apply and the scent was pleasant and I did notice some relief.
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Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

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