Friday, March 22, 2019

Tips to Buy Gold or Silver Jewelry Online Safely

Online shopping is all the rage these days. Today anything and everything can be purchased from the comforts of home without the need of stepping outside. No matter whether it is a fashion or lifestyle product or life insurance and mutual fund, the world of the Internet has made everything easy. Nowadays many people also invest in gold or silver jewelry through online platforms. Simply visit an online jewelry store, select the piece of your choice, add it to the shopping cart, pay for it and your favorite jewelry piece will be with you in no time.
Well, with several online jewelry websites been in operation, buying gold or silver jewelry is just a click away. However, this hassle-free and quickest way of shopping involves risk if not done from the right seller. To avoid online scams while investing in gold/silver, there are some things one should keep in mind. And these are:

      Research Companies Thoroughly: Most of the jewelry investment scams involve those who are new in the business and want to make money by anyhow. It’s advisable to do a thorough search regarding a jeweler online before making a purchase from them. Also, if a business or person is a scammer, chances are other people might have complained about them online. Go through consumer forums to find the names of all the non-trusted online jewelers. But what if you aren’t able to find any sort of information regarding a particular gold/silver jewelry seller. Some scammers frequently change their names to avoid negative Google results. If the jewelry seller you are planning to buy from doesn’t have a definite web presence, stay at bay from it.
When researching online jewelers, also make sure to check their experience. Also, check their rating. A company with an A, B or higher rating is reasonably trustworthy. Anything lower than these means you’re probably in unsafe hands. You can make a phone call or send them a mail to check if they are authentic sellers.  It is advisable to visit them in person before you decide to handle them your hard-earned money.
      Check the Buzz: Today, social media has become one of the most popular means of interacting with others. Websites like Facebook and Twitter are increasingly employed by people to express dissatisfaction regarding a company’s practices. It’s good to locate an online jewelry store on these sites and read customers feedback before purchasing anything from it.  While many scammers will try to fool you will by publishing legitimate-sounding customer reviews on the sites, this can still be of great help to get a general feeling about a jewelry seller. If you are planning to buy men gold chain online, visit without giving a second thought. Not just these online jewelers are reputed and trusted; you can get everything at an affordable price from them.
      Start with Small Quantities: If you are skeptical about making an online jewelry purchase, plan to buy in small quantities to minimize the risk. Although most of the online gold deals offer discounts on bulk buying to attract customers, it’s still wise to start with a small quantity. Once you are satisfied with your purchase, you can shop again to redeem the benefits of bulk buying.  In other words, don not place orders in hefty amounts until you know and trust a dealer completely.
      Avoid Overpaying: Compare the rates of various online gold/silver jewelry sellers and select the one you think is apt. A seller offering its products at the lowest rate doesn’t mean is the best fit as it might be a scammer trying to lure customers by setting lower rates. There are also shady dealers who give low quotes but never deliver the jewelry at those rates. It is necessary to check the authenticity of a company before you make a deal with it. Legitimate online jewelry websites will fully disclose the prices along with the required taxes and shipping charges. To make safe gold or silver purchases, consider buying from With over 30 years of experience in the industry, these jewelers are one of the largest and most trusted jewelry manufacturers in the United States. Whether you’re a high-end shopper who needs custom bling that will compliment your tailored suits or an average consumer who wants something to flatter your everyday style, this online jewelry store is a one-stop destination for all of your jewelry needs.
Check for Hallmark Certification: Jewelry carries some specifications that are controlled by the country’s hallmarking system. This identification is crucial to ensure that customers are not cheated while buying. It is advisable to check if the online seller is selling hallmark certified jewelry items.
      Look for a Buy Back Scheme: Many authentic and trusted jewelry sellers offer ‘buy back’ policy as a sign of faith to their clients while scammers who deal with fake products are unlikely to buy old jewelry from others. So, it’s a good idea to discuss a buy back facility with a jewelry merchant. Also, make sure that the facility is not limited to certain quantities of silver or gold. It is also wise to inquire about the repayment period.
      Check for an authentic invoice: Although most authentic jewelry websites offer invoices clearly mentioning the price of the jewelry item, weight and purity, making charges, hallmark specifications, return/exchange policy and so on. If not, contact your seller and ask for these details.
      Consult an Expert: There are many experts who offer comprehensive information about gold/silver investment opportunities, trusted online sellers and other apt information. Discuss everything with them before buying jewelry online. You can also ask your friends or family members who have made an online purchase in the past. Their opinions and feedback will surely help you make a genuine and safe purchase.  

The Bottom Line
Online Scammers know very well how to take advantage of innocent customers. But that shouldn’t prevent you from redeeming the benefits of online jewelry shopping. Reputable jewelry sellers do exist and investing in those stunning jewelry pieces can be safe if you consider the points mentioned above!

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