Tuesday, March 19, 2019

6 Ways To Optimize Skin Care

Since the skin is the largest organ of the body, we have to take more care of it. If you’re a fashionista, you already know the best ways to take care of your skin. Even if you’re not, the process may be tedious but necessary. But don’t worry there are a few lifestyle changes that you can make that will work wonders for your skin, we guarantee that.

1.           Exercise
We can’t emphasize exercise enough. Even doing cardio for 30 minutes a day can help with your complexion. Exercise boosts your metabolism and absorbs the necessary nutrients needed by the skin more effectively. It also repairs cells better which makes your skin glow. When you exercise, the body expels the toxins from the skins in the form of sweat and cleanses your body. If you’re new to working out, you can start with fifteen minutes of exercise a day and slowly increase it to an hour of vigorous workout.

2.           Hydrate
Drink lots of water. Doctors recommend an intake of 2 – 3 liters a day. If you’re exercising, this intake should increase because the body needs more to function. If you’re drinking 8 glasses, drink an extra two for your skin. This will keep your skin hydrated. Dry skin looks flaky and patchy. Other imperfections like spots and acne are more visible too. The worst is that dry skin is more susceptible to wrinkles. When your skin is hydrated, it looks full of life and supple. The toxins get flushed out quicker which prevents pimples and acne. Keep swabbing your face with a soft damp tissue to clean away dust and grime from your face. It’ll also keep the skin cool, regulating temperature.

3.           Balanced diet
What’s a balanced diet? You must have heard about a balanced diet since your childhood. We know we must eat a balanced diet, but what must you eat to maintain the balance of nutrients in your body? In a nutshell, your daily diet must have a comfortable ratio of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and fiber. Your diet must also have the daily quota of essential nutrients needed by the body. These essential nutrients are needed in trace quantities but can’t be produced by the body. Eating well will immediately make a difference to your skin, and it will get a glow. Your skin reflects how your body is doing from the inside, if you regulate your body processes, your skin gets to reap the benefits too.

4.           Skin care
Since you’re already making lifestyle changes, you can also boost the process of skin care by following a skincare regime. There is a basic skincare routine for all skin types. In the article “Skin Making You Scream? Flawless Skin Routines to Clear it Up”, Rachel Palazzo breaks down the ideal products for the best skincare routine and explains the order in which to use the products for maximum results. If you follow the order and use the correct products, you would be doing your skin a favor by giving it that little extra push to faster regeneration.

5.           Routine
This seems a bit farfetched, but the routine you have in the day plays a huge role in the quality of your skin. If you aren’t sleeping well, you could run the risk of dark circles. Nutrient absorption in the body can take a hit too when you don’t follow a proper routine. A routine lets your body have ample time to function. Regulated function means that you are optimizing your body function. The body is a machine. Keep it well oiled by following a proper routine. Eat your meals at a specific time. Regulate your sleep times. Have a specific hour for working out. It isn’t too difficult and just needs a little self-discipline.

6.           Meditation
Meditation is taking the world by storm because of its healing properties. It not only works on the mind but also on the body. Studies have proven that the people who meditate have a different process in the brain. The amygdala is smaller. This small part of the brain induces anxiety in humans and the bigger it is the greater the anxiety. Besides the amygdala, the frontal lobe which is where the majority of the thought processes occur is found to be more active and younger. It retains more information. Thus it keeps away mental illnesses. Physically, meditation regulates breathing. Most people don’t know how to breathe properly which reduces the oxygen flow in the body. Breathing properly transmits oxygen to all parts of the body, making the body younger too.

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