Friday, March 15, 2019

Rebel Gardens Organic Herb Seeds

Rebel Gardens Organic Herb Seeds include fragrant sweet basil, slow bolt cilantro, bright fennel, Italian flat leaf parsley, spicy garlicy-sweet chives, tangy dill, sultry oregano, aromatic sage, lemony minty thyme, and Thai basil. If you’re looking for organic herb seeds that love life anywhere you plant them you’ll revel in how easy these grow. Simply plant according to directions in delicious soil herbs love, and enjoy how they make even those easy weeknight dishes feel special! Don’t plant disappointment! 

Rebel Gardens seeds are guaranteed to sprout and grow fast, leaving you ample space to grow everything else you need from our NON-GMO certified herb seeds without worry. Do you know where your food comes from? Really know? Don’t guess! Rest assured you’re keeping your family safe by planting and harvesting your own nutrient-rich herbs when you bring these “Certified Safe” seeds home today.
My Opinion: I am so going to be planting these soon and grown them indoors so I can use in my food. I like chives for baked and mashed potatoes. You can use Oregano and Thyme for pasta dishes.

This is a Tomoson review where I received the product for free or at a reduced price. Just because that happened does not mean I was swayed to give a positive or negative review. 

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