Friday, July 20, 2012

Blogger Opportunity

Hello Everybody!

Josh here with Reading Horizons, and I get to help people learn to read! Our company is the solution for many parents as they help their children become strong readers. If you are a blogger who has children learning to read or a child who struggles with reading we would love for you to join our efforts.

We do not just give software and books to teach with, but we also give parents and children skills and strategies to understand the framework of the English language. Support us in our efforts to create strong readers by reviewing and giving away one of our two programs.

There is a program for emerging readers ages 4-9 and a program for struggling readers ages 10+. Please take a look at our website ( and contact me if you're interested!

Best regards,

Josh Prieto
Home-Use Sales Manager

Reading Horizons
The Foundation for Reading English

Toll free: (800) 333-0054 x135
Local: (801) 335-7120

Question! Do you know why Cat begins with C and Kitten begins with K?

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