Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cesar Cookie Crunchies Dog Treats

I received in the mail part of a product review Cesar’s Cookie Crunches dog treats. The flavors i received were Filet Minion and Rotessire Chicken. I gave them to my dog right away. First he sniffed it and then he decided to eat it then he came back for more so he loved them a lot. I am as glad as he can be a fussy dog and I am sure you can relate. Cookie Crunches are a baked dog treat and come in three shapes heart, paw and bone they are actually quiet cute looking for dog treat. The package comes in blue and purple with the west highland terrier on the label so cute. You can visit their website at:    on the website they also have breed of the month, Cesar channel which has videos and other celebrity information. I would buy some of these cookie crunches and see if your dog will love them as much as my dog. They are available at Pet smart, Target, Wal-Mart and other stores you can look on their website and see where to find this product near you. Also on the website is a coupon you can print for one of their products.

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