Monday, July 30, 2012

O'Keefe's Working Hands and Healthy Feet

I received in the mail as part of a product review O’Keefe’s Working hands and Healthy Feet. These are specially designed for dry, rough, cracked and split feet and hands. The formula is unscented and stimulates the skins natural repair process and recommend by Podiatrist and diabetes educators. I used the O’Keefe’s working feet and I must say it is very coarse and helped with my dry cracked feet as I suffer with dry, cracked and split feet ever since I was a child my mom and grandma use to give me foot soaks with Aveeno and at night bag balm and that would heal my feet then but now it is not as effective. Working hands is great for someone who suffers from dry, cracked and split hands possible a mechanic or anyone constantly washing their hands all day long this product is for you. The product comes in a round tube with 3.2 oz. and the price is very inexpensive $7.99 which may last a long time and you can check out the website at the currently only ship to the United States. You can purchase their product online or search their store locator and see if there is one close to you. I am including a link to O’Keefe’s Testimonials so you can read all the success stories for yourself at:
Here is why it works taken from their website: Water is necessary for the survival of each and every cell in the body because skin cells require water to function properly and effectively as our body's first line of defense. When skin cells become dehydrated, or lose a portion of their water content, they lose their elasticity and our skin feels dry and rigid. Dry, rigid skin can become split and cracked. These cracks are essentially breaks in the protective barrier between our bodies and the outside world. Cracked skin can no longer defend our bodies against invasion by foreign organisms and bacteria, and this can lead to inflammation and/or infection.
Moisture is a key ingredient to the natural healing process of dry, cracked skin. For O'Keeffe's, the difference is what's not in the formula instead of what is. Our oil-free formulation pulls water in, and doesn't repel it like nearly all other offerings. So, chapped hands and cracked feet get the moisture and hydration they need to get better. O'Keeffe's oil-free formula was developed by a pharmacist to stimulate the skin's natural healing process by attracting and retaining moisture to hydrate the skin, altering pH levels, increasing blood circulation and retaining moisture.
There are many products on the market that promise to treat or heal dry, cracked skin. Unfortunately, most fail to deliver. This is because the majority of lotions and creams contain oil and/or oil-based ingredients (examples of common oils used in skincare products include: mineral oil, lanolin, petrolatum, olive oil, almond oil, Shea butter, cocoa butter, and coconut oil.), which sit on the surface of the skin and repel moisture. The oil does not allow water or other moisturizing compounds to penetrate into the skin's dehydrated cells, so although the surface of the skin may feel better, the skin cells are still starving for moisture.

Disclaimer: I was given this product as part of a product review and this is solely my opinion which may differ from your. 

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