Friday, July 20, 2012

Fiber Gourmet

I received in the mail as part of a product review Fiber Gourmet. Fiber Gourmet has a variety of pasta, crackers, mac and cheese; desserts made with a high amount of fiber you need daily for digestion and the other great things. Also if you are on a South Beach diet or Atkins diet because you subtract the fiber from the carbs and come up with a number of carbs per serving or package side as seen on the side label on the box. You can learn more about their wonderful product by visiting . You can order online or look at the retail list and see if it is carried in your state if not you can order online or ask your local store to get the product carried in your store. I received the Everything crackers which have half the calories than regular crackers and very tasty and a box of fettuccine which has half the carbs and calories so you can eat pasta again without worrying about gaining a lot of weight and the taste has no change from regular pasta. Here is a little history about the company I got from their website:
FiberGourmet is a food technology company. We’re dedicated to creating reduced-calorie, high-fiber products that taste good and are good for you. Our unique FiberGourmet technology allows us to manufacture pasta, crackers and cakes which taste the same as conventional versions but have 10 times more fiber. We even have more fiber than whole wheat! (See comparison chart to the right for details). And because we use insoluble fiber, which has no calories, we are able to literally cut the calories in half. We've also had our products nutritionally tested by a respected independent laboratory, and are proud to show you the lab results. Our products are available for purchase online, and in various retailers around the country. You can also find out more about our industrial / high-volume offerings here. Our parent company, Food Industry Technology (FIT) produces specialty ingredients to serve the ever-changing needs of the food industry. In 1987, we developed and patented the first high-bloom kosher fish gelatin as a replacement for standard gelatin. Today we are the largest supplier of kosher gelatin in North America, as well as a major supplier of non-kosher specialty gelatins. The principals of FIT also hold patents in the health-care area, including the only non-toxic lice treatment which has been clinically proven 97% effective (marketed as LiceMD).Now, after years of research and thousands of experiments, we are pleased to begin offering our patent-pending FiberGourmet line of reduced-calorie, high-fiber foods. The patented technology behind FiberGourmet is also available for licensing to food manufacturers and the private label industry. For more information, please contact us:
Try some today and let me know which is your favorite.

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion and may differ from yours.

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