Friday, July 6, 2012

Mop Top Hair

I received Mop Top Hair travel pack in the mail as part of a product review. I used the gentle shampoo this morning it has lavender and mint in it. I love lavender as it is a relaxing scent, I could smell it for most of the day. I love when a scent of the shampoo stays around awhile and does not go away. This product is for dry, frizzy or kinky-coily hair. It restores moisture and manageability. Made with natural humectants and rich conditioning botanicals it protects and tames hair using sea botanicals and honey. Hydrates efficiently by increasing the absorption rate through hair layers and penetrates the hair, which builds up the moisture content and helps prevent split ends. The result is soft, silky hair. No sulfates, all ingredients are water-soluble, Infused with sea botanicals and honey, No silicones, No parabens.
I have enclosed some information from their website at: HTTP:// that I really like it is called why? Change the world by Kelly. God gave me this uncanny ability to keep my brain constantly turned on about studying and solving problems about frizzy hair. My family thinks it’s a little bit nutty, and somewhat of a curse sometimes. I have never met frizz that I couldn’t tame, even just a little! I’ve made it my mission, and I’m so grateful that the Lord brings me opportunities to help those who need directions on how to navigate this thing we call “Frizzy Hair”. After all, next to one’s face, hair is the second thing that is perceived about someone before stature or clothes, so it is truly an important factor in building confidence and self-esteem. That is why I have set out to change the world – one kinky-coily head at a time.
We have held Frizz Interventions everywhere from our top Salons to Big Brothers & Big Sisters to help tame hair. We have turned kids with horrible nicknames and kinky-coily hair into confident young adults that embrace their natural beauty.
While we are tackling frizzy, kinky-coily hair we strive to have as little impact on the earth or your body as possible.
The shampoo is reasonably priced and earth friendly. Besides shampoo they carrier kid shampoos as well.

Disclaimer: I received this as part of a product review and in no way was i compensated for this review .This is my opinion and may differ from yours.

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