Saturday, July 14, 2012

Free Blogger Opportunity

Los Angeles Blogging Opportunity

Summer’s here and with it, the blockbuster movie season. But let’s be honest: What’s the last true G-rated film you’ve seen?

You are invited to a combination roundtable/screening of The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure, a groundbreaking interactive family film geared to those with children in the two to seven age range (and yes, your kids are invited – as are caregivers) on TUESDAY, . The film, due out August 29th (or “Oogust” as we like to call it), encourages viewers to get up, dance, sing and cheer, creating a whole new movie-going experience.

The film’s creator, Kenn Viselman, whose past experience includes Teletubbies and Thomas the Tank Engine, created this unique movie with parents in mind, and specifically wants to engage you (and your readers) about topics affecting children today (i.e. teamwork, creative thinking and physical exercise). We hope by accepting this invitation, you'll become part of our “Oogieloves Advisory Board” and a sounding board for future projects.

This is a compensated opportunity and you are encouraged to bring your children and your children's friend in the 2-7 age group. $50 gift cards will be given to cover any traveling expenses, PLUS another $50 will be given after the event provided you answer a short survey!

If you would like to attend, Click here to tweet about this innovative family film to your readers first

Then contact Jeanne directly at for details and to RSVP! ***PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU TELL HER JEANA SENT YOU!!***

Bloggers Selected for Opps!

Yes - we are starting to send out acceptance letters to those of you that have already applied to our open opps.

These are a little unique in that they are ONGOING campaigns and we will be choosing a limited number of blogs each month.

So if you aren't picked to post for August, then just sit tight - you may get an email from us for Septemeber or later!

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