Monday, July 16, 2012

Rockin Green Soap - Rage Against The Raspberries

 I recently had the opportunity to review Rockin’ Green Laundry Detergent. They come in the following scents: Mighty Mighty Marshmallow, Rage Against the Raspberry, Smashing Watermelons, Motley Clean, Lavender mint Revival, Bare Naked Babies and finally Earth, Wind and Orchids. I love how the name of the detergent is band themed. I had to try Rage Against the Raspberry as it sounded awesome although it was hard to choose as they all sound like a great mix. You can learn more about their product by visiting the website at : . The detergent is also eco- friendly, bio degradable and 100% natural scents. Besides Laundry detergent they have pet bed detergent, toy detergent also 3 levels of cleaning formulas which is Soft Rock, Hard Rock and Classic Rock to determine which formula is right for you depends on the water in the state you live in mine is Classic Rock based on my water conditions but when in doubt you can always order one of each and see which is a personal taste you like best. Try it today as i love the scent and the quality of the clothes.

Disclaimer: i was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my opinion and may differ from yours.

1 comment:

  1. Rockin' Green is my favorite laundry detergent! Have you tried the Athletic Wear formula? It's perfect for workout clothes! I use it on my running clothes and my jiu jitsu gis. I'm so glad to have laundry soap I can count on across the board.


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