Saturday, February 23, 2019

KuDiff Desk Lamp #KuDiff

KuDiff Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port Built-in Bluetooth Speaker Touch Sensitive Dimmable Brightness & 2 Color Mode, Creative Reading Lamp with Bluetooth Music Night Light Flexible USB Goose Neck. Is easy to use as it plugs in a USB port and it will light up your workplace steadily, simple and easy to use, works in any USB port. Has loud blue tooth speakers with build in wireless blue tooth Speaker on the back of LED lamp, Output Power: 3W, High-Quality Base Audio, Easy Pair to your phone, You can enjoy music while reading or sleeping.

Touch switch for 2 color mode (warm/cold) so you can enjoy warm light while sleeping and cold light in reading. Sleek design with a built-in Bluetooth speaker on the back of LED instead of on the stand base, Adjustable and flexible gooseneck tube to easily adjust its height and angle. Easily adjust the lamp to beam the light exactly where it's necessary. Get power from any USB port of Laptop, Power bank, USB charging station.

My Opinion: I found this desk lamp easy-to-use and put in my USB port, also to Dimmitt and change it you hit the gray circle on the head of the between the cat ears. I found it easy to pair with my Bluetooth on my cell phone and the music that came out was very loud along with the lap being very bright.

This is a review for Tomoson which I receive the product for free for and at a reduced price, just because that happened does not mean I was swayed to give a positive or negative review. 

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