Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Teach You To Sew

**This is a sponsored post which I’ll be compensated for**

If you are a beginner at sewing you may wonder what are the things I will need and some essential items are Thread each type has their own purpose so use what you have at home for now. Sewing Needles as you can learn everything using needle and thread before you use a sewing machine. A Sewing Machine which will be a huge purchase for you and use what you have and can afford for now until you get go at sewing. Patterns having them will give you a guideline at what you are working on and use ones you can use on the sewing machine and use with sewing needles. Notions and Supplies are tools that will give you precision and control. 

Westcott Titanium Bonded Scissors, Velcro-Sticky Back Strips, Tear Mender Instant Fabric, Leather Adhesive, Vkey 20mm Diameter Sticky Back Adhesive Dot Tapes, and Singer Assorted Safety Pin. Storage to store all your supplies and keep you organized. Accessories they are to make your life easier but not necessary if you can’t afford them right now.
If you get stuck at any time you can get sewing help at which will tell you about the right sewing machines, sewing terms, buying threads, sewing a straight line, stitching zigzags, adding elastic and so much more.
If you are not a beginner you can still learn a lot even about vintage sewing machines.

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