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Created with Love Holiday Gift Guide 2020


If you are in a relationship and you don’t always want to go out to the clubs, bars, dinner, comedy club, and more. But just want to stay inside with your loved one and have a date night at home Created with Love is a great option for Christmas this holiday season. There are many options you can choose from as this is a subscription box you can choose a month-to-month subscription which cost $31.99, a 6-month subscription which costs $161.94, and a 12-month subscription which costs $263.88. Each box contains Four to six date night games and activities hand-crafted by our team. All the items needed for your date night activities together are a Spotify playlist, online content, and even recipes that match the theme!

I got Yosemite A Date Night With A View deep in the heart of California lies one of nature’s most beautiful attractions Yosemite Valley! On this date night, we are sending you and your partner on an adventure to learn more about Yosemite’s beauty. You’ll’s visit some of the parts most famous landmarks, learn some wilderness survival tips, and even discover a few new things about your partner!

Challenge One: Into The Wild before exploring the magnificent Yosemite Valley, you’ll need to know if you wilderness survival trips. Take out the wilderness trivia playing cards and paw tokens from your box. Sitting across from each other, you each take 5 paws. Shuffle the deck of cards and place them in between you both. Decide who is playing one in who is player two. Player one starts first by drawing a card and must read the question out loud to player two. If player two guesses wrong, they must forfeit a paw to the center. If they guessed correctly, they get to keep all their paws and draw one from the middle. Then discard and switch turns. In this activity, you will learn a lot about the wild and some of our national parks! Plus, little competition is always fun!

Challenge Two: What A View now that you both are packed with wilderness knowledge, it’s time to explore Yosemite! Without opening, have each person take one of one of your envelopes and one of the Yosemite sketchbooks located in the box. You also need a pencil to sketch with. Have player one start by taking their sketchbook and sit down at the table. Next, I have player two open their own will open pull out one card. Standing behind player one, player two must “sketch” the view on their partners back using their fingers. Well doing so, player one must sketch the scene in their sketchbook. Once player two is finished, switch roles. Continue sketching until all six locations have been drawn. Once finished, have each player trying guess the location of drill. On the back of each card are some fun facts about each site as well as some conversation topics! Why are we doing this? It’s important to stop and really appreciate the “views”.

Challenge Three: Matching S’mores after a long day hiking throughout the park, his time to enjoy some s’mores next to the campfire, and under the stars. Take out the s’mores playing cards in your box and shuffle them very well. Have each player draw five random cars and place the rest of the pile between you both. Your objective is to create one s’mores by group into graham cracker cards, one marginal card, and one chopper card. The only rule was that the things on the back of the chocolate marginal cards must pertain to both boxes on the graham cracker carts you use. One playing your cards, you have to justify your s’mores to your partner. It can be as far out there as possible, but you must somehow explain the matching. During your turn, if you play a s’mores, you can draw for more cards to replace them, and in your turn if you cannot create a s’mores that round, you can draw one card and in your time. He claimed all cars have been used already the player can create a s’mores. The player with the most s’mores early date night planned by the other!

Challenge Four Ghost Stories no campfire would be complete without some ghost stories! Without reading them, have each player take one ghost story activity card. That player one start by asking player two to answer the questions on the front side of the card. Once player one has all answers, they must look the card over and fill in the story using player choose responses. Then switch roles. This activity allows you to learn about your partner in a fun and unique way! What is one thing you learned about your partner during this date night?

Congratulations! On finishing the You+ Me Yosemite box! What your date night is not finished yet! We still have two more challenges for you!

First, in your box, you find a special, pre-stamped postcard. Your challenge is to fill that out and send it to a couple close to you. Send them a little love. Or, you can send your car to Michelle and Tyler. If you do, we’ll share your inspirational message to our followers on your social feed!

Secondly, on the back of your badge card is an additional challenge for you to visit a national park close to you! We provided a simple checklist and scavenger hunt challenge for you and your partner!

Lastly, don’t forget to check out the bonus content for your You+ Me Yosemite box the link below for more Yosemite inspired challenges!

My Opinion: I really like this date night box as the only do you learn something new about your partner that you have been with for years but also if your newly dating you can learn something new about partner and get a better understanding of them. This is a lot of fun and I am looking forward it to be outdoors in nature this fall.

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